Solar Lentigo Sun Damage

Solar Lentigo Removal Bedfordshire

Are you searching for ways to resolve some of your skin problems like sun damage? Solar lentigo, also known as sun damage is a harmless patch of browned or darkened skin. It leads from too much exposure to UV radiation, causing a local explosion of melanocytes and accumulation of melanin in the skin cells. Click here to find out more about us!

Sun damage is very typical, particularly in people ages more than 40 years old. Often, they are considered as senile freckle and old age spot.

How Does It Look Like?

You need to bear in mind that a solar lentigo is a flat, well-circumscribed patch that can be seen in oval, round, or irregular shape. Its colour differs from skin-coloured, tan to dark or black.

What’s more, its size differs from several millimetres to a few centimetres in diameter. Their look can be a bit scabby as well. Click here to see why we are the best option for you!

Solar lentigos are seen as groups of similar lesions on sun-exposed areas, especially the back of hands or the face. They take place in dark and light skin, but they are more likely to be more numerous in those people with fair-skins.

Cryotherapy For Sun Damage Removal Bedfordshire

Cryotherapy utilizes extreme cold that is generated by liquid nitrous oxide. This substance offers a safe, efficient, and quick solution for eliminating any type of skin imperfections such as solar lentigo. You need to keep in mind that CryoPen is certified by the FDA and CE.

How is Sun Damage Diagnosed?

Sun damage is diagnosed often on its clinical look. Often, it can be hard to see the difference between solar lentigo from melanoma. Melanoma is a type of potentially risky type of skin cancer. The word atypical solar lentigo might be employed.

In case there is still doubt, please visit your GP before booking an appointment.

What Type of Chances Can You Experience with Solar Lentigo?

You might experience seborrheic keratosis if you have solar lentigos. That leads to localized thickening and transformation in texture in the lentigo. Sun damage might become inflamed once they are referred to as lichen planus. The good thing is that it will vanish slowly.

What Treatment is Accessible for Solar Lentigo?

When left untreated, your solar lentigo will tend to persist forever. Cryotherapy or laser surgery could kill them, but the treatment might leave a permanent or temporary dark or white mark. Bleaching agents like hydroquinone aren’t that efficient in removing sun damage.


Yes. You can rest assured that CryoPen is an effective and safe treatment for everybody, from kids to adults. You will experience less to no skin preparation, and the treatment is fast without aftercare needed.

You might feel mild discomfort because the freezing element is applied to your skin. The treatment is suggested for use on kids and adult, as it’s a practical and safe way to cure sun damage within a single session. You won’t feel any discomfort and downtime. If any, you will feel only mild.

The penetration into your tissue is at least one millimetres per five seconds. That means the treatment will only take ten seconds to cure two millimetres lesion, without anaesthetic needed. The treatment offers a lengthy, deep freeze leading in a more efficient treatment, with fewer repeat visits.

The good thing here? For just three to four days, you’ll see a change in the treated region, between the 7th and 10th day, the sun damage must shed. After that, the healing will begin.

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