Milia Removal Bedfordshire

Among the skin problems that you can experience are milia. It is a small white or yellow cyst that can be developed in your face. It is common for newborns; however, it can affect individuals regardless of age. This skin issue can be formed if keratin or skin flakes are trapped under the skin. Click here to find out more about us!

If you don’t like to suffer from this skin problem for a long time, you must do something about it. Well, the best thing to do is to undergo a milia removal process.

Milia removal advantages

With the help of our milia removal service, you will no longer be conscious about your face. With this, you can face in front of others with greater confidence. We use CryoPen, a more advanced and modern cryotherapy treatment for milia.

Our milia removal service is a quick process and painless. It is also safe and effective to use for children, so you have nothing to worry about the results. The treatment will take only 5 to 25 seconds, so it will not take too much of your time.

The CryoPen Bedfordshire is a pressurized and pen-like device that produces a super fine jet of nitrous oxide on its tip which freezes the affected area. In this process, inter-cellular fluids of the cells crystalize. It also breaks the cell membrane, which destroys the tissue that you want to eliminate.                  

You don’t have to worry because the healthy tissue will not be affected during the treatment. The best about this milia removal is that it can also be applied in removing skin tags as well as cherry angiomas.

Why you get spots/marks?

Milia can be developed because of excessive sun exposure. It can also be caused by the extreme use of oil-based products and thick creams. Milia can also be formed after a chemical peel. Therefore, you must make preventions if you don’t want to develop this skin issue.


There are various solutions to get rid of milia. You can eliminate milia through our CryoPen treatment. There are also some home remedies that you can try. These solutions are the following:

  • Clean the affected area regularly. You can use mild soap to avoid skin irritation.
  • Steam your open pores. You can do this in the bathroom by having a hot shower.
  • Apply sunscreen. You must use high protection sunscreens to prevent your skin issue from getting worse.
  • Exfoliate the affected area regularly. You must exfoliate the area regularly, but prevent from over-exfoliating. Thus, it can irritate your skin.

You can also medical treatments to eliminate your milia. These medical solutions can include:

Curettage: The derma specialist will numb the affected area to remove the milia. Then, the skin will be sealed using a hot wire.

De-roofing: In this process, a sterile blade or needle is used to eliminate milia. It must be done with a professional derma consultant because it can risk infection if you attempt it at home.

Minocycline: It is an oral antibiotic that can treat milia.

What we offer at Lipo Sculpt Bedfordshire: Cryotherapy, In this treatment, the milia will be freeze with the use of liquid nitrogen. It can lead to swelling or blistering, which can last for a few days.


The CryoPen therapy can also be effective in removing pigmentation, skin tags, warts, verrucae, cherry angiomas, and age spots.

The cost of the CryoPen treatment will depend based on the size and imperfection of the skin issue. Some skin issues need over one session.