January 2021 promotion Prices for cryopen skin imperfection removal Bedfordshire

Here is a list of all the Skin Imperfection treatment areas we offer

Please click on each bullet point to take you our pages about each area to read more.

Prices Per Area For Skin Imperfection

1 Area = £175

2 Areas = £225

3 Areas = £275

4 Areas = £325

5 Areas = £375

6 Areas = £425

This price includes your Skin Imperfection treatment and consultation which is done all on the day of the treatment.

Sometimes a second or third appointment may be necessary; this will be established in your consultation. We do offer a 30% off discount for 5 any further treatments.

At Lipo-Sculpt Bedfordshire We offer a mix & match service. You can have different skin imperfectins removed all in one appointment. For example, if you have one verruca, two warts and 2 Cherry Angiomas. We can do that all in one treatment. This means you would pay for five areas.  So on your consultation, you will be quoted our prices above which is for five areas

Please contact us today, if you have any questions about the prices, treatments or would like to book an appointment!